Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The oldest turns 14 next week

Over on my Facebook page I was musing on how the biggest tiny has a birthday upcoming and looked back at how tiny he used to actually be. Check out for yourself below. My how kids shoot up like weeds. He'll always be a tiny heathen child to me no matter how old he gets. I just don't know how the girlfriend and I will handle the thoughts that one day each of the three tinies will act like they don't need us anymore. Tell me how you would handle these thoughts yourself please!

AJ at age 2

AJ at 13

Milestones of children

Head on over to my Twitter page for a perfectly accurate depiction of how a parent reacts to a child hitting a milestone as only Fowl language Comics can do.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Soccer? That looks like a kung fu battle to me

To further hype the duo for soccer I showed them various images from professional soccer. Then we came across one in particular which both tinies said it looked like a kung fu battle. So of course I turned it into a meme and they have been saying repeatedly for the last day, "Everybody was kung fu fighting!"

A little diddy to get the kids excited for soccer

The kids were more interested in their tablets yesterday afternoon and didn't want to get ready for soccer. Thinking of something catchy that I recall being played in one of the stadiums I saw on television I quickly brought up on my computer a favorite from Bouncing Souls, Ole.

After they had danced around for the entirety of the song they were ready to get their shin guards and cleats on then kick soccer balls like maniacs. Thank goodness some catchy music can get them motivated.

Ready for soccer!

As soccer has started up I found a photograph from the summer of last year at the end of the YES soccer clinic that the duo (Annelise and Zach) participated in. Seeing their happy faces reminds me how worth it it is to run them around for their activities.

Let the extracurricular activities continue!

Recently I talked about juggling when extracurricular activities are involved for the tiny people. This week began where the days the family doesn't have anything doing has dwindled to two days a week. Spring soccer started for the youngest and middle children. Soccer practices are on Mondays as well as Tuesdays. The oldest has drum lessons on Thursdays. Soccer games are on Saturdays and Sundays. The girlfriend and I are quite glad that they are all keeping busy and being active but we wonder as to what sort of free time we'll have for anything else. Heh. Seriously, I'm glad for the social interactions the tinies get to have with the extracurricular activities. It's good for them. Maybe in time the other parents will let us into their circle so C and I won't look like the odd ones out.

Are your children involved in any sports or clubs? Are you part of the in crowd with the other parents? Let me know your ways to getting into their circle, Until next time, keep it up on kicking butt and cleaning house!

This is what I look like trying to juggle

If you are not an experienced juggler (and really, who is?) you probably have a look quite similar to this fellow.
If you find yourself here and are unsure what I'm talking about, check out my blog entry on it.