Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Welcome One and All

Hello, and welcome to Adventures in Being Mister Mom! My name is Bernard. I’m thirty-three years old and became a stay-at-home parent of three children in August 2014. I never saw myself years ago falling into an already made family. I’m used to working for a living and the only experience raising children (or tiny people as I like to call them) was when it came to helping raise my youngest brother. There has been a growing trend of males taking a more active role in parenting, similar to that of a stereotypical mother from decades gone by. Some choose to do this for the benefit of their significant other. Some have the choice made for them because of a loss of a job and their significant other works to support the household. There are many different reasons as to why, but one thing that seems to be quite evident: many males are challenged by becoming “Mister Mom” and really do not have much of a clue as to what to do. I typed “mister mom blogs” into Google and did learn there are blogs out there. The problem with the blogs though is that they dried up after roughly a dozen entries. I know there isn’t an official instructional guide handed out to both males and females alike when they become a parent. If that were the case it would be in my opinion rather nifty. I choose to try to give voice to all the males out there who are staying at home to raise children. This isn’t to turn into myself, or anyone else, seeking praise for taking care of the tiny people we love and cherish more than life itself. This blog is to share recipes, stories, reflections, and the adventures in being Mister Mom. If you leave questions, comments, or concerns I will do my very best to respond back to you inside of twenty-four hours. In time there shall be many outlets stemming from this blog and I encourage each and everyone one of you to get involved as I shall be available through all of them.

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